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A comprehensive and interactive guide to help individuals understand their sexuality. The four chapters; Personal Space, Anatomy, Sexual Attraction and Relationships & Emotions are all linked by three important concepts throughout: Privacy, Trust and Consent.

During the course, the individual will learn about, amongst many other subjects, the physical and mental changes they will experience as they grow and finishes with activities to encourage self-esteem.

Our Aproach

Personal-Eyes Education puts the learner's perspective at it's heart, with materials presented through their 'personal eyes'.

Like a dragonfly with it's 360° vision, we should all strive to view the individual; their situation; their environment, from every angle, to give us the complete story of their journey; where they've come from and where they're heading.

Sex WAS rude, now it's REAL ©

Sex WAS rude, now it's REAL

The book explains how to talk about the subject in a natural and realistic way, giving a logical structure to very complex and abstract concepts. It gives the opportunity to be flexible to the person's needs, adjusting the materials to whatever they want to learn about.

An acclaimed interactive and educational course in understanding sexuality and relationships designed for Neurodiverse people.

Personal-Eyes Stories ©

Created to assist the reader to better understand things in their life that may affect things such their emotional, mental and physical health and their understanding of society and the 'unwritten social rules’.

Every Personal-Eyes Story is written in first person and uses illustrations throughout to support the reader's understanding.

"It's time to turn this Neurotypical world into an inclusive and accessible place for all"

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