If you know someone in need of understanding, if you know the person and that for which they are seeking, then you know that the only thing you need is the right guide, materials and resources to start this process of learning. Sex WAS rude, now it’s REAL is the right guide to help you to assess the situation, assign and choose the right activities to finally start talking openly about: Personal Space / Anatomy and the difference between a man and a woman’s body, what a person’s private parts are and what they are for / Sexual Attraction, erections, female sexual arousal, masturbation / Love and Relationships and much, much more!

Sex WAS rude, Now it’s REAL

Adjustable and Flexible


Sex WAS rude, now it's REAL, is a comprehensive guide to understanding Sexuality for people with Autism. It can be adjusted to their needs and not every activity may need to be completed and the learning process can be as flexible as is required.

Four Chapters


Personal Space, Anatomy, Sexual Attraction and Relationships & Emotions, explain  how to talk about this subject in a natural and realistic way, giving structure to what can be complex and abstract concepts.

Three Important Concepts


PRIVACY / TRUST / CONSENT link the entire process of learning, to help make wiser decisions in relation to sexuality and to ensure the individual and others remain safe.

Interactive & Fun


The book uses Personal-Eyes Stories, comics and games to support the individual's learning process and ensure they are are at the centre of all the activities.

Everybody’s Need & Right


The need and right to understand ones own sexuality exists for everybody but sadly Autistic people often have their needs and rights shut down by society.

Original Materials


Created from entirely original materials: Personal-Eyes Stories and hand drawn illustrations and graphics. 

Complete with thorough guidance throughout for the educator to provide a clear and consistent learning method about sexuality and relationships to people with Autism, in order to help make sense of certain social interactions, what happens to our bodies as we grow and much more....!


[...] a great resource for individuals with Autism who desire the skills to develop meaningful and lasting relationships. Practical advice is provided to make social interaction more predictable and to decode social ‘rules’, with pictures and games throughout to reinforce the lessons.

- Ron Sandison, founder of Spectrum Inclusion, author of ‘A Parent’s Guide to Autism‘ and ‘Thought, Choice, Action’.

Sex WAS rude, now it’s REAL is a great resource that is truly needed and a considerate practice-based approach grounded in direct experiences of working with people with Autism in this area. Brilliant!

- Dr. Claire Bates, founder of The Supported Loving - a national network dedicated to sharing good practice around relationships, sexuality and disability.


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