Meet The Team

Isabel, Andrew are Brendan constitute the team giving life to Personal-Eyes Education.

A project created to make education and environment accessible and adjustable to anyone's needs through very creative materials that explain everyday situations in a very simple, natural and fun way.

She is the Author of ‘Sex WAS rude, now it’s REAL’ and other educational materials available to download on this website.

Isabel is also the creator of a Sex Education curriculum for Neurodivergents and Special Needs with MundoPato.

Isabel is a Social Worker and an Educational Psychologist with a Masters in new creative ways of teaching people, depending on their needs.

She is also training herself as an art therapist as a way to deal with mental health issues through art and creativity.

He was the Editor of ‘Sex WAS rude, now it’s REAL’ who made great educational contributions to it (especially in relation to male sexual matters) and helped to make it accessible and such an easy read for all.

Andrew is also the creator of many other educational materials for Autism and SN available to download on this website.

Andrew is a Job Coach, supporting people with learning disabilities to gain employment,

He is also a great musician and a Private Guitar Tutor.

Brendan Hulse-Storr is a York born neurodivergent artist who is keen on working on comics. He studied at Applefields School, York College, Blueberry Academy and United Response. At United Response Brendan made his most ambitious project to date: ‘Star-Knights’ a graphic novel that he intends to turn into a series and would be published shortly!

Brendan is a great asset to our team, his art skills combined with his great attitude towards education and helping others understand this Neurotypical world has helped us creating great materials for neurodivergent people by a neurodivergent!