Personal-Eyes Sex Ed Program for Autism & SN

PSE Program

The PSE program is an educational guide for Neurodivergents. It is an interactive educational course in understanding sexuality and relationships. It explains how to talk about the subject in a natural and realistic way. It gives the opportunity to be flexible to the person’s needs, adjusting the materials to whatever they want to learn about. There are four main topics within the PSE Program, that are: Personal Space, Anatomy, Sexual Attraction and Relationships & Emotions. With a clear structure going from the most simple concepts to the most difficult ones, the guide explains how to talk about this subject in a natural and realistic way, giving logic to what can be complex and abstract concepts. PRIVACY / TRUST / CONSENT are the main concepts that work as a link for the entire process of learning, to help make wiser decisions in relation to sexuality and to ensure the individual and others remain safe.
The PSE Program uses creative materials such as Personal-Eyes Stories, comics and games to support the individual’s learning process and ensure they are at the centre of all the activities. Complete with thorough guidance throughout for the educator to offer a clear and consistent learning method about sexuality and relationships to Autistic people or SN, in order to help make sense of certain social interactions, what happens to our bodies as we grow and much more!

— Isabel Bullon, Author of the Personal-Eyes Sex Ed Program for Autism and SN©

Any educational institution for Autistic people, day services, carers and schools worldwide can benefit from the PSE Program, this is a creative and flexible Sex Education Curriculum for Autistic people and SN.

— Isabel Bullon, Author of the Personal-Eyes Sex Ed Program for Autism and SN©

Who is it for?

It is designed for use by teachers, Occupational therapists, caregivers, sex therapists, psychologists, university professors of SN and Autism related subjects, counsellors, and other professionals who work with Autistic people and others with learning disabilities or Special Needs.

  • The PSE program is very easy to use, with visual aids, clear explanations, structure and guidance for both the instructor and the person to follow.

  • The PSE’s pre-assessment can identify the specific sexually related matters in which the person presents a stronger need of understanding so the process of learning can be focused on those.

  • The PSE program offers a brief assessment after each activity so that the initial one can be reviewed and adjusted to the person’s progression.

  • The PSE program offers a simple, fun and interactive working process by using different creative materials (comics, games, stories…) that will make the subject appear as something natural and enjoyable to discuss and learn about.

  • The methodology used by the PSE program is flexible and can be adjusted to the person’s interests to maintain their engagement and motivation at all times.

  • The PSE program allows the person to express themselves with a very clear scoring criteria open to understanding the person’s point of view and previous experience.

  • The PSE program uses three main concepts as a link between activities and topics to learn about, which are PRIVACY / TRUST / CONSENT to ensure the individual and others remain safe.

  • Unlike other educational materials in the field, the PSE program has been created for Autistic people and SN. Colours and visual aids are adjusted to sensory issues and distractions; the characters present similar appearance through all the activities, and the four main topics are linked by a simple structure and a visual activity to transform them into a jigsaw puzzle so it is a clear visual aid to show the connection between the concepts.

— Isabel Bullon, Author of the Personal-Eyes Sex Ed Program for Autism and SN©
Top reasons why the PSE program is your best option:

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About the author

After finishing her degrees as an Educational Psychologist specialised in Innovative and Creative Ways to Teach and Learn depending on the person’s needs. Isabel moved to the UK to work as part of a SEN team in preschool.

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And the team

Finally, in 2019, after working with autistic adults for a few years Isabel created a Sex Education curriculum for autistic people and SN, through her book ‘Sex WAS rude, now it’s REAL’. An interactive course flexible, adjustable and simple to be able to talk about sexuality in a fun and natural way. It was because of that great achievement and her previous experience creating new innovative alternatives to educate that she co-founded ‘Personal-Eyes Education’ a project intended to make education and environment accessible and adjustable to everyone’s needs through very creative materials that explain everyday situations in a very simple, natural and fun way.

She was part of the process for early diagnosis, assessments and intervention. Back then she had already created a few different unique educational materials to teach while adjusting education to the person’s interests and needs.